Preparing your home to celebrate Christmas

As we looked at our Advent traditions last week, we remembered that advent is the season leading up to the birth of Jesus.  It’s meant to be a time of preparation, as we get ready to celebrate Jesus’ coming to our world, and welcome Him again to our hearts. Last week’s post looked at welcoming Jesus into our lives. I’d like to share an idea that my husband and I have brainstormed to welcome Jesus into our homes during this season.

Take a prayer walk through your home. Gather your family and walk through your home with Jesus, like you would a guest who’s coming over for the first time. As you do, see the people and activities represented by those rooms welcoming Jesus and under his influence. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Living Room:  You’re welcome here.  Be Lord of every conversation that happens here.  May every TV show that’s watched here be one that you would be happy watching with us.

Christmas Tree: Here’s our tree and gifts.  Help us to enjoy them without  being materialistic.  May the gifts remind us of you as our greatest gift.

Children’s bedrooms:  Be Lord of his life; have your way in him.  You’re welcome to be in our relationship.

My bedroom:  Bless my relationship with my spouse; you’re welcome to be present and have your way in my marriage.  Be in the conversations we have with each other.  Help my sleep at night to be truly restful; you’re welcome in my dreams and in the thoughts I have as I fall asleep and wake up. Maybe, here’s the bedroom where my spouse and I argue and fight.  You’re welcome here. Others perhaps would pray, here’s my bedroom, I wish I wasn’t the only one here.  You’re welcome in my singleness and my lonely moments.

Kitchen:  Thank you for providing the food that’s here.  You’re welcome around this table.   Be present in the interactions that happen here with friends and family.

Bathroom: Welcome Jesus into your health and your body. Thank him for health. Ask him for healing.

Hallway, porches: Thank you for the comings and goings of friends and families. Bless those who visit.

As you walk through your home, welcoming Jesus into every area of your home and your life, be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit may be speaking to you and bringing to your mind. Pray as you feel led.

Please share your experience or ideas.Jack Adelman


About familydiscipleshippath

My husband, Tim, and I have been married for 17 years and have 3 great children. Our girls are 13 and 11 and the baby boy is 9. We have been living in Redding, CA and serving at Risen King Community Church since August, 2000. I serve as the Family Ministries Pastor. As a mom and a pastor, I represent both the church and the home and am on a journey of discovering and communicating practical ways the church and family can partner together to guide the young ones in our lives to know and love Jesus and live their lives(their whole lives) in light of that love.
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1 Response to Preparing your home to celebrate Christmas

  1. Erin Garrison says:

    That is SOOOO great friend! Thank you, the Garrison’s will be doing this tonight! YAHHH!

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