Curriculum is NOT the most important priority For Your Church!

When other church leaders talk to me about our KIDS program or Family Discipleship Path, often the first question they ask is about what curriculum we use.  While this is a good question, it’s not necessarily the first one that should be asked.  There are actually several factors more important than curriculum. Kids and families will come to know Jesus through relationship, not curriculum. Curriculum is a means to an end…not the end in itself. Curriculum can help teach Biblical truths…discussion will help a student to learn how a Biblical truth applies to their life. Curriculum can point someone toward the Lord…a relationship with Jesus will draw them closer. I know for myself, it is a temptation to spend the majority of my time on curriculum and classrooms. These are both tools for guiding children to know and love Jesus more. They are important…but they are not the MOST important.

Here are a few things that I believe are more important than curriculum:

1.)    Leaders- It is very important to have individuals serving in your classrooms who love God and love children and youth. I spend the majority of my time pouring into the people who are pouring into our kids and youth.

2.)    Friendships- Helping students make a friend in the classroom will give them a security and openness to hearing the lesson that is being taught.

3.)    Testimony- a student will grasp a concept if they hear how it really happened in the life of someone they know. A lesson on healing will be effective when accompanied by a testimony of one who was healed and an opportunity to ask for healing.

4.)    Fun- when kids see church as a fun place to be, they will want to be a part of what is going on.

5.)    Consistency

  • Consistency of values within a church body from the kids to youth to adult ministries.
  • Consistency of leaders to build relationships and connection.

There are just a few things that I believe are more important than curriculum. What do you think?


About familydiscipleshippath

My husband, Tim, and I have been married for 17 years and have 3 great children. Our girls are 13 and 11 and the baby boy is 9. We have been living in Redding, CA and serving at Risen King Community Church since August, 2000. I serve as the Family Ministries Pastor. As a mom and a pastor, I represent both the church and the home and am on a journey of discovering and communicating practical ways the church and family can partner together to guide the young ones in our lives to know and love Jesus and live their lives(their whole lives) in light of that love.
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2 Responses to Curriculum is NOT the most important priority For Your Church!

  1. Jamie Jones says:

    Amen, totally agree! I think curriculum can be a starting point or a good reference point, but youth need someone who is real, conistant, and loving to show them and teach them about God. ITs an effort to help a child as a whole, not just one area! Good post 🙂

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